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About Me

“See God sees us like looking through a kaleidoscope, a bunch of broken pieces that make up a beautiful image.”1 2 7

I started exploring photography in 2010 shooting photos of my favorite things: fast cars at the drag strip and the beauty of abandoned buildings. Little did I know that my journey would lead me to where I am today.

When I started out, I felt that God had truly blessed me with this gift and I wanted to ALWAYS put Him first in this business and always remain humble. Every image you see is the work of God IN me. I have a “pray rehearsal” the day before every shoot where I pray for my clients that they be comfortable at their session, for the weather, for my equipment and for God to be the strength in my weakness.

As business started to slowly grow, I knew I needed a name…something that would honor God. I prayed about this and 3 desperate times I was overcome with great emotion and all that kept coming up was the name “kaleidoscope”.

See what you don’t know is how “kaleidoscope” changed my life. Ever get to a point in your life where felt that you were so broken that you may never be whole again? I was there at one time in my life. I struggled with poor self-image and self-hatred. It wasn’t until I decided to take a journey with God and let Him transform me that all that started to change. See God sees us like looking through a kaleidoscope, a bunch of broken pieces that make up a beautiful image. And when you twist a kaleidoscope, like us ever changing, sometimes there are more broken pieces and sometimes less. But the ONE thing that remains the same is that image is beautiful, WE are beautiful nonetheless. That no matter WHAT I go through in life, my mistakes, regrets, hardships, etc. I will ALWAYS be beautiful in God’s eyes. When I started to REALLY take that in and believe it, it forever changed my life.

My goal in photography is to give others a new set of eyes to see themselves with. To see what God sees and everyone else around them. 90% of my clients hate having their picture taken….then they see the photos I take of them. I can tell you so many stories from sessions that have changed the way my clients feel about themselves. THAT’S why I do this.

I want to use the gift God gave me to change lives, to give back. That’s the mission and heart of Kaleidoscope Photography. You can see some of my older work and all of my 2013 work at