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Finally Updated My Website!

It has been a busy past year. Basketball season exploded and so did football and cheer in 2015, doubling the sessions I did in 2014. In January 2016, I acquire a photographer’s studio and got 10 years worth of props. What should have been my slow season suddenly got very busy. This year has been busiest of all. I’ve updated all sessions. With sports, I’ve picked one or two pics from each individual session and have grouped them into “2016 Individuals” and with teams, I’m only posting the team photos. In April and May 2016, I had 73 sessions (45 in 2015) so I’m having to only post a few from each sports session since I have now started doing so many. Enjoy the new pics!

2015 Mercy | Chattanooga Area Photographer | Kaleidoscope Photography