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Prep for Sessions

You’ve booked a session, now what? If you do not have a location in mind, you can view some of the areas I have previously shot at in the Locations folder below. Not sure about what to wear or colors that compliment each other? No problem, I can help with that also. Click on this link for photos of clothing to wear.

I try to get to know a little bit about my clients before their session so that there’s some common ground to talk about during the session. I have found that this really makes my clients relax more and tend to be more comfortable in front of the camera. When I send you your contract, I will also include my Get to Know You form.

Now for your session. I do pose all my clients but LOVE it when a client has some of their own ideas for their session so don’t be afraid to speak up! Here are some tips specifically for certain sessions:

Portrait Sessions:

Drink plenty of water a few days beforehand and moisturize your skin so that it won’t be dry and flaky and your lips won’t be dehydrated which can be seen in close-ups. If shooting outdoors, it is a good idea to bring your makeup bag to retouch. If you are wearing heels that aren’t the most comfortable, bring a pair of slip on shoots to wear until you are posed so that you are comfortable most of the time. Remove any old nail polish. Make sure to take items out of your pockets so they’re not noticeable in your photos, although, I will most likely see them and ask that you remove them. A good rule of thumb is to bring extras of things such as bobby pins, pantyhose, etc. Better safe than sorry!

Newborn Sessions:

With any children, THEY run the show. When they need a break, they get it. If you want shots of your new one asleep, it’s best to feed your baby right before the session to insure that they fall asleep shortly thereafter.


Rested and fed children are THE BEST children :) So try to schedule your shoot after nap time. Bring their cups, pacifiers, toys, anything you think they may need. Children do tire easily so they will need a break or two. Parents, at your session, I ask that you not try to give your children direction. I have found that kids get discouraged really easily if their parents are fussing at them to listen, pose, smile, etc. and it makes it difficult for me to get them to cooperate and it shows in the photos. This is your chance to take it easy, relax and enjoy watching your little ones!


I like to do a sit down with the future bride and groom to go over things. I have a pre-consultation checklist that really helps to ensure that you get all the shots you want on your special day. I also like to come to the rehearsal for a few minutes just to see how the venue is laid out and how you have everything planned.

Senior Pics:

It’s always good to incorporate your senior’s hobbies, sports, etc. so bring things to your session to personalize their photos.


Whenever I have a session for a team where I will be shooting team photos and individual photos, please make sure to have the kids sitting and waiting their turn. I know this may be a challenge but if they run and play around, they will be red-faced, sweaty and maybe dirty in their photos. Coaches if you could help with this that would be great!

Thank you again for choosing Kaleidoscope and I look forward to our session!